“I wished to go completely outside and to make a symbolic start for my enterprise of regenerating
the life of humankind within the body of society and to prepare a positive future in this context”
Joseph Beuys

Exploring the global archipelago

Piertopolis is inspired by the ever changing rural and urban archipelago network and the visual landscapes of the modern world.  The project has been inspired by The New Babylon project of COBRA artist Constant, Piertopolis features an architectural design for an installation of a life-size landscape made out of piers and walking bridges.

The Piertopolis visual diary constitute a record of my journeys to spaces that are related to my DNA ancestry and my own existence. The photo series incorporate influences of the documentary the Powers of Ten and by the book Cosmic View (1957) from the Dutch writer Kees Boeke, which presents a seminal view of the universe, from the galactic to the microscopic scale. The images takes us on an adventure in magnitudes, we see piers, mountains and cities from Google earth perspective, images taken from people in different piers around the globe, microscopic images of water and sand taken with a microscope and finally the outer edges of the universe, courtesy of the NASA database.

I intend the photo series and installations as a meeting place, a transit point, a public performance center, a refuge. Piertopolis is a welcome space to memories, real or imagined and a mapping loop into new worlds and images.

© Piertopolis /ピアトポリス

Piertopolis is a non-profit, noncommercial project, seeking a worldwide visual exchange between people from different countries and disciplines.

Piertopolis is limited to world wide visual arts research, information exchange and visual global archive. Under the Copyright “fair dealing” U.K, “fair use” U.S.A.